Wednesday 15 August 2018


I got a new camera! Actually, it's my first proper DSLR camera: I bought it second-hand because they're just so expensive otherwise. It's the Canon 600D, and it came with an 18-55mm lens. It's an early birthday present to myself! Luckily, everything seems to be in good order and I'm just getting used to using it. This week, I visited the Eden project for a surprise short break away from London. Nature is something I really miss while living in the city; there's a few sad trees dotted here and there but nothing that really makes you smile when you look at it. There were so many beautiful forms in the biomes, and I did my best to capture them. The colours were so fresh and clear, even though it was a cloudy, drizzly sort of day. I feel so refreshed. 

As well, some buzzy friends stopped by to say hello... 


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