2023  Aug-present: Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Sheffield (P.I.: Prof. Mikko Juusola)
2023 Jan-Jun: Lecturer in Biology and Animal Behaviour, Anglia Ruskin University (Module: "Cognition, Evolution and Behaviour")


2017-2022: PhD FT Psychology; Queen Mary University of London (Thesis title: "Cultural cognition in bumblebees"; supervisor, Prof. Lars Chittka). Alice @ The Chittka Lab
2013-2016: First-class undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences (Hons); Durham University.


2023: Alcock Award, Behaviour 2023; awarded for best didactic talk.
2016: Literature Review Prize, awarded for the highest scoring review of the year (Title: "The evolution of intelligence in birds".

publications (high-impact journals in red)

🌱Gallo V., Bridges A. D., Woodgate J. L. & Chittka L. (2023) Sub-cell scale features govern the placement of new cells by honeybees during comb construction. Journal of Comparative Physiology A. 

🌱Bridges A. D., MaBouDi H., Procenko O., Lockwood C., Mohammed Y., Kowalewska A., Romero-Gonzalez E., Woodgate J. L. & Chittka L. (2023) Bumblebees acquire alternative puzzlebox solutions via social learning. PLoS Biology 21(3): e3002019.  IN THE MEDIA

🌱Bridges A. D. & Chittka L. (2023) Escaping anthropocentrism in the study of non-human culture: Comment on "Blind alleys and fruitful pathways in the comparative study of cultural cognition" by Andrew Whiten. Physics of Life Reviews 44, 267-269. 

🌱Bridges A. D. & Chittka L. (2019) Animal Behaviour: Conformity and the beginnings of culture in an insect. Current Biology, 29: R150-R172. 


PhD students

MSc project students
🌱Olga Procenko, QMUL (currently studying for a PhD at Newcastle, here)
🌱Amanda Royka, QMUL (currently studying for a PhD at Yale, here)
🌱Tara Wilson, UCL
🌱Charlotte Lockwood, QMUL (currently working as a research assistant at the Chittka Lab, QMUL, here)
🌱Alexander Blake, University of Sheffield